Working with Vulnerable People

The following roles require mandatory registration for Working with Vulnerable People
(children aged under 16 are exempt)

  • District Commissioner

  • Chief Coach

  • Test Coordinator

  • Coach

  • Assessor

  • Examiner

  • First Aid Officer

  • Team Manager

  • Camp Parent

  • Committee Members

  • Technical Delegates

  • Engaged Photographers

How to add PCT to your WwVP Registration

PCT encourages all committee members, volunteers coaches and officials and anyone else involved in Pony Club to add Pony Club Tasmania in the Employment and Volunteering section.
Here are instructions detailing how to do this:

1. Click this link to search for your registration:

2. Enter you card number and surname and click "Search"

3. Click "Add Employer"

4. Type "Pony Club Tasmania" in the Organisation Name box (do not select "Not Listed")
Tip: if you start typing "Pony" the full name will appear in a drop-down box for you to select

5. Enter your club role

6. Choose "Volunteering" as the capacity

7. Enter the approximate date you started volunteering for the club

8. Click "Submit"