All incidents must be submitted online using the PCA Incident Reporting site


Please read the PCA Concussion Policy

The PCA online incident reporting form must be completed for all suspected and diagnosed concussions.  Riders with a diagnosed or suspected concussion will receive a mandatory suspension and must not participate in ridden Pony Club Tasmania activities for 21 days after the incident UNLESS they have medical clearance.  

To clear the mandatory suspension prior to 21 days, the original incident form must be signed by a doctor and the doctor must complete THIS PCA CONCUSSION FORM to indicate they have not diagnosed concussion at the consultation.

Medical Services at ODEs

PCT have adopted the EA Medical Services policy for all One Day Events and clubs must use the EA forms for planning Medical Services at ODEs.  Your chosen Medical Provider must complete the forms, declaring they are compliant with all the EA requirements.  Your selected provider must also be approved by your TD. 

These forms are to be completed by your Medical Provider (click the links below to open forms):

The Medical Provider is to complete and return this form with their quote.  They must also meet the requirements on the Audit Form (EA Form 7). 

This form has two sections.
Part A - this must be completed prior to the event.  It should be returned with the Checklist/Service Agreement (EA Form 6)
Part B - this must be also completed prior to the event, especially Item 5 Equipment Audit.  Some items (eg Item 3 briefings) may be completed on the morning of the event.

You may obtain quotes from and select any compliant medical provider in Tasmania as long as they declare their compliance by signing the attached forms.   We encourage you to obtain quotes from multiple providers as costs do vary depending on the zone and where the provider is based.  

Medical Levy Processing for PCT Clubs (Official ODEs only)

The medical levy is $15 per horse (official ODEs only).  This is deposited into a central account and the medical provider will be paid from this account by ETas.  Clubs will forward medical service invoices to ETas after the ODE.
Levy account:  Account Name: ETas  | BSB: 067101 |  Account: 1078 5204

Competition vs Training  - What Medical Services Do You Need?

Extract from PCT Handbook - Section 8: Eventing Addendum

Medical Services at Competitions and Training Days with a cross country component

For the purpose of determining whether full EA medical services as per the EA eventing rules are required to be present where there is a cross country and showjumping component on the day, the following should be used:


A Competition is defined as an event where entries are taken, the event is scored and placegetters are named.

For example - ODE; Hunter Trial; Hickstead; Mini ODE; Short course event; Combined Training event which includes Cross Country and Showjumping or any variation where there is a cross country component.

There are two levels of competition, each have different medical service requirements:

Training Day

A Training Day is defined as a day where a coach is present and responsible for a rider or group of riders.  The day is not scored and there are no placegetters.  The riders are under the guidance of a coach at all times. If the club chooses to include EA riders, the coach must be an EA qualified coach. If only PC riders are allowed, the coach can be either a PC Level 1 coach or an EA coach.

These training days require a nominated Senior First Aider or First Aid Provider to be present for the duration of the day.