2018 Insurance, Affiliation and Day Insurance
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2018 Insurance, Affiliation and Day Insurance

Insurance fee effective 1st January 2018 - attached:  updated Insurance/affiliation return, waiver form & day insurnace


Insurance & affiliation paid between 1st January & 30th June - $80, cover is until 31st December 2018

                                          Paid between 1st July & 31st December - $40


Trial rally levy - $40 - covers three rallies only, after 3 rallies if they wish to attend pc they must pay club membership & balance of $40 for insurance/affiliation to PCT 

                             ½ fee applies from  – 1st July – 31st December


Day Membership - $10 - $5 retained by club & $5 to be forward to PCT with 7 days of event.  Note day insurance is public liability only & does not cover rallies or O.D.E’s


To be covered for insurance riders must be a current member of a club.


WAIVERS must accompany insurance/affiliation return – PLEASE NOTE NEW FORM ATTACHED.  Please do not take membership without waiver being supplied.  Riders are not insured without wavier.

There are compulsory fields on the waiver form, could club officer bearers please ensure that these are all filled in – they are compulsory in the new data base.


Returns me be received by the treasurer by the 2nd of each month for the rider to be covered by insurance the month they pay.

i.e.  Insurance paid in January must be received by the 2nd February for that rider to be covered for January,  if received after the 2nd they will only be covered from February onwards.


To be fully covered 24/7 and at all events riders (both pony club & adult riders) must be a paid member of a club & insured & affiliation of $80 paid to PCT.

NCAS coaches are not insured for riding unless they have paid pony club insurance/affiliation & membership.


DATA BASE:  when an email address is supplied a receipt is email automatically with riders details, membership no. and website for them to log in, they can these amend any of their details, add efficiency certificates, horses details ect  & working with children certificate can also be added




PCT Waiver Form 2018.doc


PCT Day Attendance.doc

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